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Hammersmith Limited was established in Bangkok in 1995 to provide high quality, professional, specialty contracting services to both the construction industry and private sector. The company’s aim is to assure clients of the utmost attention to every detail from professional, technically precise proposals to the adherence to fundamental principles of good working practice on site .

Our staff have an in-depth knowledge and many years of practical experience in the specialist contracting and repair and refurbishment fields. Essential to our continuing success is our ability to understand the problem and provide long term solutions.

We understand the importance of programming and the proper deployment of resources. Works are completed on time and within budget through forward planning, the supply of a highly-skilled, directly employed labour force, the availability and use of the correct materials and equipment, and the comprehensive understanding of the proper sequence of work.

At Hammersmith, we are committed to bringing a higher level of expertise through:

  • In Depth Investigation, Accurate Diagnosis, Reasoned Solutions
  • Full Technical Support from our Preferred Material Supply Partners
  • Fully Warranted Products and Services
  • Intense Site Supervision
  • Strict Adherence to the Specifications
  • Forward Planning and Resourcing
  • Thorough Preparation, Correct Application, Regular Inspection
  • Attention to Detail
  • Directly Employed Fully Trained Site Operatives
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