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Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring systems and solutions covering an entire range of end-user requirements are distributed and installed by Hammersmith in Thailand.

With a diverse range of products, including self-leveling epoxies, polyurethanes, liquid applied floor hardeners and sealers, heavy duty, thin section, cementitious screeding materials and reactive resin systems based on MMA chemistry, Hammersmith have the solution for flooring requirements in industries as diverse as fresh meat processing, cold storage, heavy and light industry, retail, and warehousing.

As well as the more traditional epoxy and PU based systems, our exclusive range of industrial flooring solutions include:-

  • Densitop®
    A modified cementitious flooring system producing extremely high strength, ultra abrasion resistant floors for use in high load, extreme wear situations and environments subject to stringent cleaning regimes.

  • Degadur® MMA Reactive Resins
    “Reactive Resin” flooring system from Degussa, producing extremely fast curing, non slip, chemical resistant, hygienic floors in a wide range of colours.
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