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March 2005: New Bangkok International Airport
Installation of Conduit Bank By Steel Pipe Ramming

The unusual problem of how to install two additional duct banks below the terminal concourse slab at the New Bangkok International Airport was solved by the use of Pipe Ramming proposed by Hammersmith Ltd. Using a Grundoram “0lymp” from Messrs. TT Asia Pacific, and launching from within the existing service corridor this relatively new technique, for Thailand, successfully installed 360m of 210mm steel pipe.
ncluded in the installation contract was the structural strengthening of each of the launch site walls with carbon fiber strips, the core drilling of 18No 250mm x 450mm “launch holes”, the waterproofing of the penetrations and the grouting in of permanent FRP ducts. All works were successfully completed by a 6 man crew in a little over 4 weeks.

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