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In today's property market, all aspects of a building's suitability will be closely examined. Not only will the internal environment be considered by possible purchasers and end-users but also the condition of the building's external envelope. A structure’s water tightness, structural integrity, protective coating system and appearance will increasingly apply to private sector and municipal structures as levels of investment and maintenance costs increase.

At Hammersmith, we are routinely involved in the renovation and refurbishment of private and public sector properties working closely with owners, architects and property managers to refurbish, maintain, and upgrade existing facilities.

Whether an office block, hotel, bridge, or industrial facility, if it requires localized problem solving or full-scale renovation, we have a wealth of technical and material experience and offer renovation and refurbishment solutions based on:

  • Total Facility Refurbishment
  • Structural Concrete and Façade Repair
  • Cladding and Debonded Render Repair and Pining
  • Supply and Application of Cementitious and Elastomeric Waterproof Systems
  • Protective Coating
  • Traditional External Decoration
  • Waterproofing to Basements and Water Retaining Structures
  • Reinstatement of Roofing Systems
  • Pool Renovation and Deck Refurbishment
  • Structural Alterations


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